Eagle Creek is a mountain stream that only exists in my head. My image of Eagle Creek is a combination of many streams that I've visited and some that I hope to see. I visit it often.

I live in the Texas panhandle near the town of Canyon. Married to Sherry, the love of my life for the past 42 years, we have two grown children that live in nearby Amarillo and I have to mention Nettie, our dog (3rd child). We have two amazing grandchildren which we spoil and love.

We are retired. Photography is a hobby that I use to relax and focus. The more I learn about photography, the more I realize how little I know and am anxious to learn.

I got started in photography when I was in junior high, and then high school working as a photographer on the newspaper and yearbooks. I watched many a sporting event thru the viewfinder of a Rolleiflex twin reflex camera (manual focus). The image was reversed and every time I looked up the teams were going the wrong way. I spent most of my senior year in high school in the darkroom developing Tri-X black and white film and making prints. Since then I've always had a camera and have taken lots of photos of the kids. We bought a Nikon digital for our daughter when she graduated college convinced that it wouldn't be as good as my trusty Nikon SLR film camera...but saw the results and was hooked on digital.

I'm a Nikon man, but have on occasion befriended the more unfortunate Canon person.

Gordon Mote sings a song by Joe Beck and Carl Cartee entitled "Don't Let Me Miss the Glory"...

"In the view from the mountains
There's a story to be told
In the crashing of the ocean
There's a power that no man will ever hold

All the stars in the Heavens
Decorate Your handiwork
And like a mighty choir
They've come to celebrate Your worth
Don't let me miss the glory, don’t let me miss the praise

All creation is singing to the honor of your name

Don’t let me miss the wonder don’t let me miss the grand design

The lightening and the thunder will open up my eyes

Don’t let me miss the glory"

Wherever we travel, I'm constantly amazed at the beauty and glory of God's Creation.

I hope you enjoy some of my photos.

Frank Wingate